Consumers United for Evidence-Based Healthcare (CUE)


Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare (CUE) is a national coalition of health and consumer advocacy organizations committed to empowering consumers to make the best use of evidence-based healthcare (EBHC). CUE, organized in 2003 when the USCC invited advocacy groups to join a consumer advocate-scientist partnership, is a pioneering effort to improve consumers' ability to engage in and demand high quality healthcare.

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What's New

 Check out the first edition of The CUE Quarterly, an informational newsletter for CUE members! 

It is our hope that this collection of "hot topics" will provide our readers with easy access to instructional, thought-provoking resources and articles in the areas of consumer advocacy and evidence-based healthcare. 

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For information, or to submit suggestions or suggestions of interest, please contact:

Reva Datar, MPH
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
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Baltimore, MD 20215
Telephone: 410-502-4631