Scope of our work

The USCC provides training and support for review authors, trials search coordinators (TSCs), review group coordinators (RGCs), editors, handsearchers, consumers and others. Since 2002, a special focus of the Baltimore office has been the development, growth and support of a national coalition of consumer advocacy organizations whose members are educated in evidence-based healthcare decision making.

The three offices of the USCC share many tasks, including:

  1. Supporting Cochrane entities with a coordinating base in the US or one of its reference countries.
  2. Supporting new Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs), Fields, and Methods Groups who want to register with the Collaboration.
  3. Supporting individuals who seek information about and participation in the work of the Collaboration.

In addition, each of the three offices of the Center performs unique tasks for the Collaboration:

Main Office, Baltimore

The USCC supports the activities of more than 1,400 members of the Collaboration based in the US and its reference countries. In addition to providing training and support for review authors, TSCs, RGCs, handsearchers, consumers, healthcare providers, policy makers and others, the main office of USCC works with international colleagues to provide training and support for others in the Collaboration who are responsible for training.

The USCC supports further development and growth of the consumer advocate coalition, Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare (CUE) and CUE’s mission to promote the health of populations and the quality of individual health care by empowering consumers, public health policy makers, health care providers and others to make informed decisions based on the best current evidence through research, education, and advocacy.

The USCC supports the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), the best single source of reports of controlled clinical trials worldwide, by coordinating the Master List of Journals Being Searched.

The USCC developed, manages and monitors an Internet-based distance education course on how to handsearch the health-related literature for RCTs and CCTs.

San Francisco Branch

The San Francisco Branch of the USCC continues to develop and evaluate systems for incorporating peer-review into Cochrane Reviews and Protocols. A staff member of the San Francisco branch serves as a member of the Criticism Management Advisory Group to the CCSG and San Francisco Branch staff edit the Criticism Management Manual.

Caribbean Branch

The Caribbean Branch of the US Cochrane Center (CBUSCC) was launched in June 2013 and is the reference center for English-speaking Caribbean Territories. Its development will extend the services available to Cochrane contributors already working in the Caribbean Region and also support new authors.