Serving on a Clinical Practice Guideline Panel

     CUE - Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare is being asked to refer educated consumer advocates to serve on clinical practice guideline panels now more than ever.  In March, 2011, the Institute of Medicine released its report, Clinical Practice Guidelines We Can Trust.  Standard 3 (see sidebar) of this report outlines the expectations for consumer involvement.

     The following video, written and recorded for CUE by Richard Rosenfeld, MD, MPH,  explains the guidelines development process and the need for educated consumers to be involved in that process. 

If you would like to serve as a consumer representative on a clinical practice guideline development panel, please take the free, online course, Understanding Evidence-based Healthcare:  A Foundation for Action, and contact USCC Program Coordinator at You may also find helpful the free, online book Testing Treatments:  Better Research for Better Healthcare.


Additional slidecasts about guideline development:

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