2011 Recipient and Designee

2011 Winner: Caroline Crowther

caroline crowther

Caroline Crowther and Anne Anderson are said, by those who knew them both, to be similar in both personal and professional qualities – unassuming, committed, scientifically rigorous and highly productive. Both worked in Oxford, UK, at different times, Caroline on returning from several years working in Zimbabwe. Her time in Oxford included several months as an honorary research fellow in the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit – the epicentre of the work that was to take tools developed in the perinatal field to the whole of healthcare in the shape of the Cochrane Collaboration. Caroline co-authored two chapters in the landmark 1989 book Effective Care in Pregnancy & Childbirth  – the first medical book to be based on formal and systematic evidence synthesis. She became an author of systematic reviews in the Oxford Database of Perinatal Trials (the forerunner of the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews) and with the creation of the Cochrane Collaboration in 1992 became an author of numerous Cochrane reviews. From 1995 until now, Caroline has been an editor of the Cochrane Pregnancy & Childbirth Group – consistently the most productive review group in the Collaboration with currently around 400 published reviews and > 100 reviews in the editorial process.

Caroline has the exceptional ability to follow through the research implications of Cochrane reviews with subsequent delivery of the required clinical trials. She has had 8 major trials published in the past 8 years in top tier journals, and puts into practice the evidence cycle of the systematic review / identification of evidence gaps / do the trials / add the results to systematic review / refresh conclusions.

Caroline's personal profile as a prolific Cochrane review author (Contact Person for 12 reviews and an Author on another 44 review), Cochrane editor and clinical trialist is extraordinary. She has been an inspiration to many other, women and men alike.

Caroline's exceptional intellectual, scientific, leadership and mentoring contributions are informed by the fact that she is a doctor with profound concern for those in her care, and for humankind.

2011 Designee: Sarah Manyame

Sarah Manyame is an obstetrician and gynecologist and lectures at the University of Zimbabwe. She is an author with the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group.She has co-authored the Cochrane review "Calcium supplementation commencing before pregnancy, for preventing hypertensive disorders" with the Pre-eclampsia Eclampsia, Monitoring, Prevention and Treatment (Pre-EMPT) group. Sarah is pictured below at the African Cochrane Indaba during her poster presentation on pre- pregnancy calcium supplementation.

Manyame poster presentation

Sarah describes her impressions of Indaba and the Cochrane Collaboration in a blogpost: The African Cochrane Indaba: a Zimbabwean woman's experience.

sarah manyame

In that post, among other things Sarah states that one of her goals is "to set up a collaborating unit at the University of Zimbabwe that ensures large-scale teaching on how to conduct systematic reviews". In addition she pledges to "enhance mentorship of upcoming reviewers" as well as "encourage the use and generation of evidence in daily teaching and practice so that all our effort as reviewers does not go to waste."

Sarah Manyame (sarahmanyame79@yahoo.ca)