2013 Recipient and Designee

2013 Winner: Cindy Farquhar

Cindy has been involved in the Cochrane Collaboration from its inception in 1993.

cindy farquhar

In 1996, Cindy set up the Cochrane Menstrual Disorders group and she has been the co‐ordinating Editor of the Menstrual Disorders and Subfertility group since its formation in 1997. This group is the third most productive group in the Collaboration with 166 reviews published on topics within its scope and 54 protocols for reviews in development. There are 26 Editors from 9 countries the majority of whom are women, from clinical, research and methodological backgrounds. The Menstrual Disorders group has nearly 800 authors across the globe trained in systematic reviewing – including an active program to train medical students from New Zealand (NZ) and the Netherlands. Cindy is an author of 36 reviews and 9 protocols and is an active contributor to the breast cancer group, as first author of two breast cancer reviews. Cindy is also Co‐ordinating Editor (mentoring) of the Cochrane Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Group at the Universidad Nacionale, Bogota, Colombia. Initially a satellite of the Cochrane MDSG, in April 2012 it became a separate entity. This group is the first in the Cochrane Collaboration to be based in a low or middle income country and has involved significant capacity building, recruiting 30 new authors and producing 8 new reviews.

Since its inception, Cindy has been Co-director of the NZ Branch of the Australasian Cochrane Centre, which promotes the use of the Cochrane Library and provides training to NZ review authors. The NZ Cochrane Branch strongly advocated for and negotiated free access to the Cochrane Library for all New Zealanders in 2006. The use of the Cochrane Library in NZ is monitored and has increased each year. NZ has the highest number of Cochrane first authors per head of population in the world, which is attributed to the training activities provided to NZ review authors through the NZ Cochrane Fellow, based in Auckland with the MDSG.

In addition, Cindy has had several other key roles in the international work of the Cochrane Collaboration:

  • Member of the Co-eds executive of the Co-ordinating Editors Group from 2005 to present.
  • Member of the Cochrane Library Oversight Committee from 2010 to present.
  • Member of the Funding Arbitration Committee from 2009 to present.
  • Chairman of the 20th Cochrane Colloquium in 2012. This was the first time this international meeting has been held in New Zealand and we had over 600 attendees for the four day meeting.
  • Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group member 1996-1998
  • Prize Committees: Member of the Chris Silagy Prize Committee 2008, Chair of the Bill Silverman Prize Committee in 2009 and 2010.

2013 Designee: Luisa Fajardo Bernal

luisa fajardo and cindy farquhar

2013 Recipient Cindy Farquhar (L) and
Designee Luisa Fajardo Bernal (R)

Luisa is a medical doctor from Rionegro, a small town in Colombia where she is an obstetrician and gynecologist. She has completed her specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynecology and is currently completing her masters degree in clinical epidemiology. In the past, she has received scholarships for being an oustanding graduate student from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She is in the process of completing a Cochrane review for the Sexually Transmitted Infections group. The title of her review is "Home collected specimens for chlamydia and gonorrhea detection" and she will be using the Anne Anderson Award funds to assist in completion of the review.