Master List

The Master List of Journals Being Searched (Master List) is a database that includes about 2,500 unique journals and 350 conference proceedings that were searched by the Collaboration up to 2011. The Master List was developed to ensure comprehensive searching coverage of healthcare journals throughout the world with a minimum of duplication of effort.  

It is possible to perform interactive online searches of the Master List using a journal name, Cochrane Entity, or handsearcher name. In addition, the Master List may be downloaded from the USCC website directly into an MS Excel or other database/spreadsheet file. Please note, however, that the list is not current.

Cochrane US maintained the Master List only until 2011 and transferred it to the Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS) in 2014. Cochrane Review Group Information Specialists have access to CRS and the current Master List. Information specialists should be contacted for information about which journals are currently being searched or recorded on the most up to date Master List.