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Series: Dartmouth College- Preventing Overdiagnosis 2013: Winding back the harms of too much medicine 

A video presented by Dartmouth College in conjunction with the BMJ, Consumer Reports, and Bond University, this conference addresses the issue of overdiagnosis in medical practice. Growing scientific evidence shows that many people are being overdiagnosed for conditions as varied as asthma, breast cancer, low bone density and high blood pressure. The speakers address the emerging question: have the boundaries defining illness been pushed too wide?

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Series: National Resource Center for Academic Detailing: The First National Conference on Academic Detailing (November 7-8, 2013)

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Series: UCSF Marketing of Medicines: Critical Skills for Clinicians

The Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine at UC San Francisco present this progressive conference on the Marketing of Medicines. The pharmaceutical industry spends billions annually on marketing. Health care professionals tend to believe they are not influenced by the drug industry, but studies indicate otherwise.

american thoracic society logoGordon Guyatt:  The GRADE Approach (12-part series)