Iain Chalmers:  Fundamental Failings in Clinical Research - Sir Iain Chalmers rips into clinical researchers for not understanding what is know, not stating clearly what their research adds, and not publishing negative or 'disappointing' results.Peter Doshi: Lessons from Tamiflu experienceDr. Doshi explains what lessons were learned from the Tamiflu case.

Gordon Guyatt:  Overview of meta-analysis and methods -Gordon Guyatt explains meta-analyses and the methodologies to use when conducting a meta-analysis


Peter Gotzsche: Deadly Medicines and Organized CrimeDr. Gotzsche explains the ways in which the pharmaceutical industry practices "gangsterism", presenting themes from his new book. 

Paula Williamson- Improving Health by Improving Trials- Paula Williamson, a professor at the University of Liverpool's Institute of Translational Medicine, discusses shortcomings in current methodology in conducting clinical trials and discusses how these problems might be overcome. Lillie Shockney- The Value of Patient Advocacy in Laboratory Research
Lillie Shockney, a nurse and Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, recently gave a talk on the ways in which patient advocacy can make clinical research transparent and meaningful to patients and their families. Her personal experiences inform a viewpoint which prioritizes clear communication and attention to quality of life issues when involving patients in research projects.
See the slides from the presentation here (PDF).