Resources for trials search coordinators

A Trials Search Coordinator's (TSC) main responsibility is to support authors of reviews. This is done through a variety of tasks such as designing and/or running search strategies, and giving advice as to which databases to search. A TSC also supports the Collaborative Review Group by downloading search results from databases into their Specialized Register (reference or study-based); obtaining copies of trial reports when necessary; organizing handsearching of journals, books, conference proceedings etc. in their field by volunteer or paid handsearchers, to identify randomized controlled trials and controlled clinical trials for inclusion in their Specialized Register, and submitting it to the US Cochrane Center every quarter for inclusion in CENTRAL in The Cochrane Library.

NOTE: The USCC processed handsearch and specialized register submissions from August 12, 1994 until December 31, 2005. Processing of submissions to CENTRAL is currently handled by Wiley as an interim measure until final plans are in place to install a new processing system. Further information is available on the Cochrane Collaboration website and from the CENTRAL Vision Group page where the Interim Measures document for the submission of registers and handsearch records is located. In addition, the Interim Measures documents for the submission of registers and handsearch records are posted on ARCHIE under Resources at CENTRAL Forum>Documents>Interim Measures.

At the moment, queries related to TSC tasks that are not addressed by the resources listed below should be posted to the TSC email discussion list.

TSC Guide (PDF)

Journal Handsearch Registration Form (PDF)
Journal Handsearch Registration Form (RTF)

TSC email discussion list

Master List

CENTRAL Management Plan

CENTRAL Vision Group

TSC Frequently Asked Questions

Specialized Register and Handsearching Results Logs

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