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Presentations from the US Cochrane Center Conference

Priority Setting for Systematic Reviews (July 10-11, 2008)

Plenary Day 1 Speaker Hal Sox Editor, Annals of Internal Medicine

Let 1000 flowers bloom: Support for the current “system” - Doug McCrory Duke University Medical School

Prioritizing Evidence Syntheses - Sharon Straus University of Calgary, Canada

Considering adverse effects in prioritising reviews - Andrew Herxheimer - Cochrane Collaboration Adverse Effects Methods Group

AHRQ’s Effective Health Care Program - Evelyn Whitlock Kaiser Permanente, Oregon

The UK’s National Health Service R&D and Department of Health Programmes - Martin Burton - Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

The Cochrane Collaboration - Lorne Becker - Co-Chair, Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group

Canada’s Approach: Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Ian Graham Canadian Institutes of Health Research