The United States Cochrane Center (USCC) is one of the 14 centers around the world that facilitate the work of the Cochrane Collaboration. Centers share responsibility for helping to coordinate and support members of the Collaboration in areas such as training, and each center promotes objectives of the Collaboration in their region. The USCC is dedicated to promoting awareness of the Cochrane Collaboration and its objectives and access to the Cochrane Library in the United States.

A special mission of the USCC is to support Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare (CUE), a partnership with health and consumer advocacy organizations interested in integrating understanding and interpretation of evidence-based healthcare into their advocacy activities, strengthening the voice of consumers in healthcare research, and providing leadership in these areas.

Announcing the Establishment of US Cochrane West

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Dr. Mark Helfand

The United States Cochrane Center is pleased to announce the opening of a new branch, US Cochrane West, at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon. The new branch will coordinate with the primary center of the USCC at the Bloomberg School of Public Health to further the USCC's goals of facilitating accurate, up-to-date Cochrane Reviews and providing support and training to new authors of Cochrane Reviews. Dr. Mark Helfand (pictured), a staff physician at the Portland VA Medical Center and a professor of medicine, medical informatics, and clinical epidemiology at OHSU, will lead US Cochrane West. Dr. Helfand has extensive experience in the realm of systematic reviews and evidence-based medicine.

For a press release with more information about the establishment of US Cochrane West, please click here.


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Workshop agenda

Completing a Systematic Review Workshop- Baltimore, Maryland, USA (15-19 June 2015)

Details: This workshop guides participants through the steps of developing a systematic review and includes presentations about Cochrane Collaboration methodology, hands-on practice using the Cochrane Collaboration's Review Manager (RevMan) software, and a statistics review session. It is limited to Cochrane review authors who have a registered title, protocol, or review in The Cochrane Library.
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Celebrating 20 Years

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What does the Cochrane logo tell us? 
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Free Online Courses offered by the US Cochrane Center


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Understanding Evidence-based Healthcare: A Foundation for Action – Course for Physicians

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Translating Critical Appraisal of a Manuscript into Meaningful Peer Review

BMC logo“BioMed Central and BMC Ophthalmology are champions of high quality peer review as we recognise its importance in keeping the scientific record accurate. We are happy to endorse this course in its aim of keeping peer review standards high.”

Emilie Aimé, 
Executive Editor, BioMed Central


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Handsearching:  Identifying and Classifying Controlled Trial Reports