Cochrane Talks Infodemic - UPDATE!

Mission Possible: finding the truth in the midst of misinformation

Cochrane Responds to the Infodemic

The World Health Organization defines an infodemic as “overabundance of information – some accurate and some not – that occurs during an epidemic. It can lead to confusion and ultimately mistrust in governments and public health response”. This has been a particular challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UPDATE! Learn what's new with the infodemic and what has been working to mitigate misinformation and strategically share reliable, trust-worthy health and COVID19 information.  Our Senior Officer, Tiffany, talks to The EcoWell in this webinar: 

Our Senior Officer, Tiffany Duque, explains the current 'Infodemic', how to manage it, and how Cochrane is responding in this short video.

This is an adaption of presentation given at the monthly CU Anschutz Medical Campus Rocky Mountain Cochrane Series - view Tiffany's full live webinar here: