First Fellow for US Satellite Pregnancy and Childbirth Review Group

Nimisha Kumar,  from the United States, is a fourth-year medical student and hopeful future OB/Gyn coming off of a research year as the inaugural Cochrane Fellow of the recently established US Satellite of the Cochrane Pregnancy & Childbirth Group (US-PCG) at the Indiana University School of Medicine. During her time as the Fellow, she has worked on three PCG reviews, carried out a prioritization process, and serves as liaison to the Cochrane US Network. As part of the US Network, she serves as part of the Opioid Workgroup, designed to update and initiate reviews geared towards addressing the effects of the opioid epidemic in the US with regards to mothers and infants. Learn more about her story in this news item from Indiana University Medical School and this accompanying video!

She is also featured on the Cochrane webpage in the series #MyStory: