Mentee Video Montage

Mentors and Mentees

Watch a brief video to hear from mentees across the globe. 

The Cochrane US Global Health Equity Mentoring program was developed in 2021 and is currently in Year 3 (2023-2024).  The program is designed for health science and evidence enthusiasts across the globe who meet equity criteria such as living in a low-resource or historically marginalized setting, experience discrimination and health inequity, and students and professionals who have lacked access to evidence-based healthcare curricula, experts, and materials.  

In this video, you will hear from a subset of Year 1, 2, and 3 mentees, who will highlight some of their favorite program accomplishments completed with their mentors, fellow mentees, and others in Cochrane.  On behalf of all 63 program mentees, we say thank you to our mentors and supporters and look forward to continued success!


Map of mentees

Video editing: Claudia De Santis 
Mentee Map: Mahederemariam Dagne