Podcast: The Skeptics' Guide to EM talks about Cochrane and the Cochrane Acute and Emergency Care Network

The Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine(SGEM)  is a podcast with over 40,000 subscribers and is translated into four other languages. It is  open access with the goal of providing the most valid, reliable, and unbiased global source of currently clinically-relevant patient-centered emergency medicine information.

Recently SGEM talked to Dr. Michael Brown the Senior Editor of the Cochrane Acute and Emergency Care Network. The aim of Cochrane Acute and Emergency Care is to support and help coordinate this work across five Review Groups producing systematic reviews under the topic of Acute and Emergancy Care: Cochrane Acute Respiratory InfectionsCochrane AnaesthesiaCochrane Bone, Joint and Muscle TraumaCochrane Emergency and Critical Care, and Cochrane Injuries.  Michael chatted about Cochrane's work, our mission, and the organization of Review Groups into Networks.