Welcome Tufts University Cochrane Affiliate Center

Tufts University Becomes Newest Member of the Cochrane US Network

Cochrane announces the official launch of Tufts Affiliate with the US Cochrane US Network 

The objective of developing a US Affiliate at Tufts University School of Medicine is to partner with different Cochrane Group editorial teams to build capacity and a critical mass of Cochrane-trained systematic reviewers in the United States to improve health outcomes. These reviews will focus on public health in urban areas (e.g., nutrition, maternal health, public health, and health equity).

Tufts will endeavour to promote evidence-informed decision-making in health care in the US by supporting and training systematic review authors and users of Cochrane Reviews and working with clinicians, professional associations, policymakers, patients, and the media to encourage the dissemination and use of Cochrane evidence. 

Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies, and other schools at Tufts, will join the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine faculty and MPH students to train professionals in conducting Cochrane systematic reviews and disseminate the Cochrane evidence accelerating the translation of evidence-based research into clinical care and health. Moreover,  emphasize will include training consumers to promote the application of Cochrane reviews.  Tufts Affiliate Center hopes to move the needle in improving health outcomes for everyone experiencing poor health, anyone who is the victim of health inequity, and those at elevated risk of common chronic diseases in the US.

The formal launch of the Tufts Affiliate of Cochrane US will be on May 17th, 2021. Shayesteh Jahanfar, director of US Affiliate at Tufts, comments: “These are exciting times for US scientists, clinicians, consumers, and policymakers to collaborate at a higher level to produce and disseminate high-quality evidence, to fashion a meaningful application of health care, and to reduce barriers to that care." Dr. Jahanfar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Medicine and has a long history as a Cochrane researcher.