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Presentations from the Stakeholder Summit on Using Quality Systematic Reviews to Inform Evidence-based Guidelines (June 4 -5, 2009)

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation guidelines: Starting from scratch - Karen Robinson - Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Systematic reviews ? guidelines: Translation needs and challenges - Martha Faraday - American Urological Association (Consultant)


Performance measures related to guidelines - Mark Antman - American Medical Association

Case study: Screening new methadone patients for cardiac risk: When are practice recommendations ready for prime time? Marc Gourevitch - New York University School of Medicine

The Institute of Medicine’s report, Conflict of Interest in Medical Research, Education, and Practice: Advice on conflict of interest to guidelines producers. Robert Krughoff - Consumer CHECK-BOOK/Center for the Study of Services

G-I-N: An international initiative to promote systematic development of clinical practice guidelines - Jako Burgers - Harvard School of Public Health and Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement CBO

What is a meaningful consumer voice? - Carol Matyka - National Breast Cancer Coalition