Mentees Year 2 Highlights

Mentees Y2

We are coming to the end of the second year of the Mentoring Program
and are pleased to share the achievements of our mentees.

We invite you to read their stories below
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Omolola Alade

Omolola Titilayo Alade - PhD Global Health Student McMaster University, Canada - Nigeria

Mentor: L. Susan Wieland

Activities and engagement


 I helped organize International Women's Day activities in March 2023 to celebrate women in healthcare.

I am affiliated with the Cochrane Complementary Medicine Group through my mentor

 I joined the Cochrane Climate Health Working Group

I collaborated on a review manuscript describing Climate Health Education curricula for healthcare professionals as a member of the Cochrane Climate Health Working Group.

I initiated a scoping review project on equity considerations in mentoring programs for healthcare professionals and students. I'm working with seven other Year 2 Cochrane US mentees on this scoping review with the guidance of 3 mentors.

I co-authored 2 abstracts accepted as poster presentations in the London 2023 Cochrane Colloquium

I received the TDR LMIC Stipend to attend the London 2023 Cochrane Colloquium

I have signed up to participate in the Cochrane Library of People - a fun event idea at London 2023 Cochrane Colloquium. My tentative topic is, "My journey into evidence synthesis - a story of small steps".

My co-mentee and I with the supervision of our mentor are nearing completion on a review of equity considerations in Cochrane Systematic Reviews of lifestyle interventions for cardiovascular health

What advice or tips would you give to future participants joining the program?

Say, "Yes"! The one year goes by very quickly, sieze every opportunity that comes your way and initiate some too!

María Florencia Armani

María Florencia Armani - Registered dietitian. Hospital Penna, centro de salud, university professor - Argentina

Mentor: Deepa Handu

Activities and engagement

I participated in carrying out a systematic review on low-carbohydrate diets.

I carried out activities such as data extraction and meta-analysis.

I had training from Deepa and her team to carry out the tasks.

I participated in the follow-up meetings with Tiffany and Paola.

I am currently finishing the cochrane course.

I could not take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the program since I had a daughter and it got complicated.

What advice or tips would you give to future participants joining the program?

I would tell them to try to make the most of it and to be proactive. take the opportunity to make contacts and participate in international conferences

Jyothsna Kuriakose

Jyothsna Kuriakose - Assistant Professor, Department of Palliative Medicine, Christian Medical College, Vellore - India

Mentor: Meenu Singh

Activities and engagement

International Women's Day 2023 Speaker

Co-Author on a Cochrane Corner Publication in AJOG MFM

Participation with Cochrane US Pregnancy and Childbirth Group

Suci Ardini

Suci Ardini Widyaningsih - Graduate Student at Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation, Harvard Medical School - Indonesia

Mentor: Ana Beatriz Pizarro

Activities and engagement

My mentoring group is still working on review activities. We usually share our activities through online meeting and Whatsapp group for communication.

What advice or tips would you give to future participants joining the program?

Participants should be active not only with the mentees inside the group & share activities on social media.

Karina Tapinova

Karina Tapinova - Kazakhstan

Mentor: Liliya Ziganshina

Activities and engagement

Translation of PLS, podcasts recording, translation editing

GRADE scholarship for webinar on SRs

Wellness webinar series (NIH OITE)

Patient peer-review of Cochrane review protocol

Peer-review of Cochrane review protocol

Cochrane MyStory

Work on scoping review protocol

Work on Conference abstracts

IWD-2023 co-moderation

Acceptance to PhD program in Medical University of Vienna, Austria

What advice or tips would you give to future participants joining the program?

Use any opportunities on the way

Ana María Rojas

Ana María Rojas Gómez - Methodologist at Epistemonikos/ Researcher at Research Unit in Stomatological, Preventive, and Social Medicine - Colombia

Mentor: Julián Balanta-Melo 

Activities and engagement



Creating a course on evidence-based dentistry

Presenting to scientific societies

Presenting at scientific congresses, including at the Cochrane Iberoamerica Conference in Quito, Ecuador where I won an award for my oral presentation

Collaboration on scoping review with Mentee team

Submission of abstracts to Cochrane Colloquium

Helping to create a global Dentistry Network / forum for EBM

What advice or tips would you give to future participants joining the program?

Proactivity during this time, commitment, dedication, willingness to participate, and eagerness to learn all. ____________________________________________________________________________________________