Cochrane US Mentoring Program Year 2

Working together

We are so thrilled to welcome our selected mentors and mentees for Year 2!
17 mentors from Cochrane and partners will join 28 mentees from 17 countries!

Please welcome our Y2 Mentees:

Esra Bilir Turkey
Marwa Badawy Egypt
Saranya Mohandas India
Yelson Alejandro Picón  Colombia
Enrique Hernandez-Bustamante  Perú
Joud Momani United States
María Florencia Armani Argentina
Sushmethaa Vijayakumar  India
Rabeet Tariq Pakistan
Aoife O'Mahony United Kingdom
Karina Tapinova Kazakhstan
Rehab Emad Sayed Egypt
Jaffer Shah United States
Gitismita Naik India
Neha Agarwal Germany
Aseel Halim Sudan
Dinarda Nadobudskaya Indonesia
Lina Hemmeda Sudan
Jyothsna Kuriakose India
Blanca Solis Chimoy Perú
Suci Ardini Widyaningsih Indonesia
Karen Gibbs United States
Ana María Rojas-Gómez Colombia
Duaa Yousif  Sudan
Mekolle Julius Cameroon
Moriasi Nyanchoka Kenya
Omolola Alade Nigeria

And an additional warm and grateful welcome to our Year 2 Mentors:

Dr Zain Asad Oklahoma University School of Medicine
Dr Deepa Handu Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Dr Alison Steiber Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Dr Razia Aliani Covidence 
Emma Thompson  Cochrane Central Executive Team
Dr Liliya Eugenevna Cochrane Russia
Dr Patricia C. Heyn University of Colorado Medical Campus
Dr. Susan Wieland Cochrane Complementary Medicine
Dr Shayesteh Jahanfar Tufts University School of Public Health
Dr Suresh Kumar Cochrane India
Dr Paige B. Jarreau Lifeology
Dr Courtney Adams Lifeology
Dr Denise Thomson Cochrane Environmental Health
Dr  Meenu Singh Cochrane India 
Dr Balendra PratapSingh Cochrane India
Dr Rebecca Morgan GRADE US 
Ana Beatriz Pizarro Cochrane Editorial Board
Dr Julian Balanta Indiana University School of Medicine


Program Founder & Director: Tiffany Duque, Cochrane Senior Officer, Central Executive Team
Program Coordinator: Paola Andrenacci, Cochrane Hepato-Biliary & ExME

Read about our Y1 mentees in our Mentee Spotlight Series on Twitter @Cochrane_US

Year One (Y1) was a great success and we look forward to welcoming a new cohort of health science students and professionals who are excited about evidence synthesis.

Program Information
The mentoring program is a 12-month commitment and will include group and one-on-one mentoring, networking events, trainings, and the opportunity to work on or complete a project or product in collaboration with Cochrane researchers. Additional events and involvement within Cochrane will be offered.  The program is currently 100% virtual.
Meet our Y1 Mentees:

This program has as a main objective to serve minority, under-resourced, and/or historically discriminated against participants to contribute to Cochrane's goal of improving health equity through access and availability to trusted health evidence for all.  Anyone worldwide is welcome to apply; please expect to attend meetings, events, and trainings during US working hours.

Program Length
12 months; 4-8 hours per month


  1. Availability / flexibility during US working hours (approximately 8am – 6pm EST / New York) Find these times in your time zone
  2. Obligatory attendance at monthly meetings with your group and mentor (virtual)
  3. Sufficient English language skills to attend and participate in meetings and trainings (Spanish and other languages maybe be offered depending on mentor availability)
  4. Access to a computer and high-speed internet (program is virtual)
  5. Able to commit to 12 months & time commitment 
  6. Flexibility, professionalism, and enthusiasm

Application Process CLOSED

Year 3 Mentee Selection Announcement
September, 2023

Approximately 20 participants will be selected

Program Start Date
Sept, 2023 - dependent on mentor time availability

Questions? Email our program coordinator Paola Andrenacci: